More success. More offers. More business.

The FLOWFACT Multilisting Service (MLS) allows you to link with other brokers based on your properties.1

Sell your properties via your colleagues and be able to offer your customers also properties of other brokers.

Five good reasons for the FLOWFACT Multilisting Service (MLS):

  • Offering properties of colleagues as easy as your own.
  • New and thus more properties in your software on a daily basis.
  • Strong purchasing arguments for owners and landlords.
  • Transparent and complete activity reports.
  • Build groups to broker together.

Further information about our new FLOWFACT Multilisting Service under +49 2236 880-340. 


How do I get access to the properties of my colleagues?

Information about all property listings contained in FLOWFACT direct hAPPy are filed on a database and synchronized with your software. This allows you to work with others brokers properties in your software.

Which of my own data and properties are accessible to others?

You choose the properties you want to share in your network. It is guaranteed that each property is only available once in the network.

Can I show properties contained in the MLS network on my website?

The FLOWFACT Immoframe allows you to display properties on any website. The design of the Immoframe can be adjusted to your website with only a few clicks. For more information on Immoframe click here.

1This offer is for FLOWFACT direct hAPPy Germany only.