Simone Kertscher, owner,

"FLOWFACT helps to keep the workflows efficiently and be done quickly. Every single work process is shortened and nothing is lost or forgotten. To me personally it has become normal to be able to work from any place - I couldn’t imagine it any other way. This, of course, is also a benefit for the customer! Thanks to the compatibility with the iPhone, I can react instantly; I think this is very important in our sector. My customers are always impressed when I present alternative properties immediately. It is a pleasure to recommend FLOWFACT, for me there is nothing better!"

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Angela Gehrmann, owner,
Angela Gehrmann Immobilien

"To use „FLOWFACT direct hAPPy“ as a support for my qualified work from the very beginning of the establishment of my business was the best decision. It creates transparency for the customer and enables me to fasten my rate of working even more."

Dirk Schemmer, managing director,
Dirk Schemmer Immobilien e.K.

"We all know that the software is good. Your service on top is first class. As a FF client I use the Hotline from time to time. What I think is striking with FLOWFACT: The problems are usually put down quick and competently. What I really like about FLOWFACT: In the remote maintenance we had problems that were not only related to FLOWFACT (e.g. Windows). The support solved that as well. The result: I can start working again (and am hAPPy again). In other hotlines there are some employees who give one advice after the other from their “checklist”. I always have the feeling that they can’t wait to find the problem beyond their product. They then end the call with the comment “This is none of our business”. So, keep it up FLOWFACT."

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Ingrid M. Walz, owner,

"The very structured way of working that FLOWFACT offers, enables you to focus on the essential things. The company is innovative and the program is adapted currently to the present needs of the users. I am delighted with the outstanding trainings, the excellent and prompt service and the friendly and competent employees."

Benjamin Philipp, managment,
elbcontor GmbH,
Real Estate Development

Since we started working with the property software FLOWFACT direct hAPPy, our clients can feel that our daily work is performed more professionally in all matters concerning the property business. For example the making of appointments or the transmitting of property offers via e-Mail. Another benefit of the broker software FLOWFACT direct hAPPy are the short processing times. Be it the generating of an invoice, the sending of Christmas greetings to clients or contractors or the simple maintenance of properties. We recommend FLOWFACT direct hAPPy because it is a software that saves a lot of time and simplifies the daily work routines noticeably.

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Ellen Lehmann, owner,
Ellen Lehmann Immobilien

"I have been working with the broker program FLOWFACT for the last 12 years. FLOWFACT direct hAPPy allowed me to start from zero all by myself from one day to the other – without any problems and successfully. The program is quite self-explanatory when you work with it, the homepage was online very fast and the uploading of property listings to all portals works without any problems. I really appreciate the many templates for mails and letters and in the case I have a question I can simply call FLOWFACT. Recently my office is always with me thanks to the iPad allowing me to work from any place – this is a total new feeling of freedom for me! "

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Bianca Gall, managing director,
Gall Immobilien

"Having now 18 years of professional and also software experience, I can truly recommend FLOWFACT direct hAPPy. Thanks to the easy selection function, my prospects get the matching exposés in no time. The program is self-explanatory with an easy handling and it offers a variety of functions. The fantastic service completes the performance. FLOWFACT direct hAPPy is definitely the only program that I would recommend from A-Z."

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Heike Flöth, owner,
Heike Flöth Immobilienmaklerin

"The automatic uploading of property listings to the real estate portals is very useful and time saving for my daily business. The sending of exposés is also very easy and a lot of fun"

Alexander Kurz, owner,
IMMO/RO Immobilienvermittlung

"The history function in FLOWFACT direct hAPPy and the mobile use allows us to show the owner all client conversations and current activities related to a property at any time and any place."

Michael Bauer, owner,
immoBauer24 e. K.

"Our clients benefit from FLOWFACT direct hAPPy because the workflows are optimized and dates and appointments are captured faster and perfect in terms of organisation. This guarantees a prompt and smooth order handling. To recommend
FLOWFACT direct hAPPy would be quite suboptimal for us though, because who likes to hand over the best kept business secret to competitors? We appreciate the fact that FLOWFACT direct hAPPy allows us to handle all our business activities with only one software, that we can keep track of clients, business and properties and, last but not least, the enormous time-savings FLOWFACT offers. This gives us more time for the personal service our clients deserve."

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Marlen Andresen, owner,
Immobilienmaklerin Andresen Immobilien

"The videos for the FLOWFACT direct hAPPy Software are fantastic. Only a minimum investment of time but they help you to start motivated and perfectly prepared for the usage. Short and to the point instructions, that you can watch over and over again. This allows you to refresh your knowledge from time to time and to use the FLOWFACT direct hAPPy Software even better."

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Dr. Elvira Hegner, owner,
ivd Immobilienbüro Dr. Elvira Hegner

"What prospects and clients really like is the fact that I am able to present property images, floor plans and map surroundings also outside of the office on the iPhone. Before that I used to take paper stacks of exposes to a visitation."

Markus Kaiser, owner,
Kaiser Immobilien

"Thanks to FLOWFACT direct hAPPy we keep everything in mind and that is a good thing. The program offers everything we need for our daily business and offers an easy handling and comfortable features on top. FLOWFACT runs safely and stable. The service hotline works quick and competent. Simply to be recommended."

Oliver Langner, owner,
Langner & Burmeister GbR

"The whole customer management is easy and understandable for the user. After uploading the clients/prospects, FLOWFACT direct hAPPy allows us to react promptly to property requests and, for example, to send out customized exposes with our corporate image with only a few clicks.

The client has already received the necessary documents when the first phone call is done and is impressed by the professional address and our brokering performance. Thanks to the calendar and the matching with the iPhone, no appointments get lost and you can even make appointments for colleagues with only a few clicks in his calendar. The complete correspondence is saved automatically and can be easily reproduced for a later consultation. FLOWFACT direct hAPPy has so much optimized our workflows and we can’t imagine working without Flowfact. The work processes are streamlined noticeably and you are able to take more time for your clients. FLOWFACT direct hAPPy is no rigid product as it keeps up with the times. Change requests are implemented and so the software gets a bit better from month to month."

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Thorsten Lau, owner,
Lau & Partner

"We use the free homepage that is offered to FLOWFACT direct hAPPy clients. The content is created easily, the pages are very well structured and our company philosophy is described to the point. Our clients can find properties quickly and get an optimal presentation. The transmission out of FLOWFACT works without any problems. Now we only need more time to customize our page – another amazing possibility FLOWFACT direct hAPPy offers."

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