Sales and organisation

FLOWFACT Geo Analyzer

Visualize and convince

  • The FLOWFACT Geo Analyzer helps to evaluate and visualize geographical information. Prospects are impressed by the automatically integrated route description for visiting properties in the exposé.
  • When acquiring new property offers potential clients can be convinced more easily if property companies present and visualize their marketing efforts and areas.
  • Competitor’s activities are documented geographically and compared to own activities in order to specifically seize chances and potentials.
  • The visualizing of the purchase price or rental fee offers leads to a better client advising.
  • Licensed maps create security (no third party claims or warning notices) and can be used for print and online exposés.

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Active object

The active object tool charts automatically the property shown in FLOWFACT in the map.

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Route planner

The route planner calculates the route from one viewing appointment to another.


Easy correspondence

FLOWFACT client helps to create letters to persons, subsidiaries or companies easily. A quick selection of relevant letter details (in whose name, for which subsidiary, which content) via the selection box saves precious time. Using FLOWFACT client makes sense for companies with many subsidiaries or if an employee has to write letters or faxes on behalf of another employee.