FLOWFACT for mobile devices – Your office is where you are!

FLOWFACT CRM for iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile and Android

  • A constant automatic matching of your mobile device with the FLOWFACT CRM in the office guarantees a perfect cooperation between sales representatives and employees in the office.
  • To Do’s and mails can be worked off quickly during travel and waiting times, will be marked as done and won’t show up as To Do’s in the office.
  • News or short-term changes of appointments are promptly noticed on one’s way so that a quick and flexible reaction is ensured.
  • The installation of the mobile sync services is very easy when using the FLOWFACT Cloud Performer CRM. Just sign up with your access data and start.

Further benefits using FLOWFACT for iPhone and FLOWFACT for iPad

FLOWFACT for iPhone and FLOWFACT for iPad are free applications to download to your iPhone and iPad. Property agents can score highly with presenting alternative objects on the iPhone or iPad when visiting a property with customers. Sales opportunities are improved.

Additional to the functions of the mobile sync services, the apps offer access to:

  • All properties listed in the FLOWFACT database. Prospects are impressed when alternative properties based on images, ground plans and map sections are shown on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Properties shown in a map view and you can click on all details from there. The presenting of property images and ground plans when visiting a property gets easy, clear and comfortable for agents.
  • All addresses in FLOWFACT including images and customer history guarantee an optimal preparation before meeting a customer and showing a property.
  • Definition of individual searches, e.g. follow-up can be viewed from colleagues.
  • FAQs: Frequent questions can be cleared up promptly on the iPhone.