i18n edition

FLOWFACT Performer CRM goes international


i18n is a current abbreviation for internationalization and means that FLOWFACT can be used in different languages, mono as well as multilingual.
  • You can distinguish between the Interface language (language setting of the software interface), content language (language of the database contents) and the correspondence (languages of the correspondence/exposés).
  • This allows a joint working between subsidiaries in different countries on various levels.
  • German and English are currently delivered and pre-installed. All western European languages and American languages are supported, but are currently in the translation process.
  • The correspondence language is defined for each contact person. Prospects, customers and partners are addressed correctly and efficiently in the appropriate language at the push of a button.


Surface language

The surface language can be chosen when logging in.


Correspondence language

The correspondence language is defined for every contact person.


Exposé texts

For an easy translation of e.g. exposé texts, existing templates of reference texts can be used.


Content language

Different content languages can be selected and displayed when creating content.