Installation solutions: Rent, Purchase, Cloud

The right solution for every company

When buying the FLOWFACT CRM Performer software, property companies can choose between a permanent solution in the company or a cloud solution. The functionalities of both solutions are virtually identical.


Locally installed solution for rent and for purchasing.

FLOWFACT Cloud Performer CRM

Online solution for rent

If you decide for this solution the FLOWFACT Performer CRM will be installed on your server, where all the data is filed. All employees have access to the data – offline and via VPN connection.

Using the FLOWFACT Performer Cloud CRM, all data is stored on an outsourced server of a hoster reviewed by FLOWFACT. All employees have access to the cloud via an Internet connection.

  • Independent from a hosting provider.
  • No internet connection needed.
  • Working offline with the database is no problem.
  • By using a VPN connection via internet the data is easily accessible.
  • Interfaces to local software installations are available (e.g. Lotus Notes, IMV market data, property management software).
  • Initial costs are low when renting.
  • Here IT is a service that can be ordered flexibly.
  • Updates, data protection, maintenance and further development are part of the service.
  • No additional costs for server or other hard or software.
  • Enhanced availability, speed and scalability.
  • Immediate software availability without installation efforts due to high end infrastructure.
  • Working efficiently from any location due to a worldwide access to the database via Internet (also with many users at the same time).
  • Very low initial costs.

Companies get an all-in service answering all relevant questions about the FLOWFACT Performer CRM provided by the FLOWFACT help desk team upon the conclusion of a service contract (SAB contract). Also included are free updates that secure a competitive advantage.


A professional support provided by the Flow Fact help desk team dealing with all questions on the usage of the FLOWFACT Performer CRM is included.