Performances for the future

More success, turnover and full customer satisfaction for property companies

According to the Federal Statistical Office, every second company in the real estate and renting business with ten or more employees applied a CRM software in 2010 in order to record and save customer data and to make them available to other corporate divisions. A professional addressing of potential customers and the maintaining of good customer relations will continue to be priority.

FLOWFACT Performer CRM combines the benefits of a CRM software with over 26 years experience of property and real estate know-how. All business units such as management, sales, marketing, back office and service have access to a common database containing all relevant customer and property related information. Multiple entries, usually quite prone to error, are omitted and search times are minimized.

The integrated process management supports property agents in frequent workflows such as the marketing of properties, notary appointments etc. Controlling tools and management cockpits evaluate and portray the success. These tools are backing up your position in the market – sustainably.

Immer gut organisiert

Address view

Overlook everything with the new address window

Alle Termine im Blick: Der neue Kalender ist ein Vergnügen.


The calendar combines weekly and monthly overview

Neue, schlanke Portalseite

Portal page

The new portal page and its slender design provides a complete overview of all upcoming tasks and appointments

Alle To-do's immer übersichtlich dargestellt.


The new and clearly arranged follow-up page ensures to keep your tasks in mind