Exchange Sync Service

Up to date access to FLOWFACT with mobile devices

The exchange sync service is a synchronization service allowing an up to date access to appointments, addresses, To Do’s and mails in the FLOWFACT system with any mobile device. An efficient use of travel and waiting times and productive working for the sales representatives in or outside of the office is one of the benefits, as tasks and correspondence are dealt with on one’s way. The exchange sync service is used in companies that have integrated FLOWFACT Performer CRM into existing system architecture as groupware solution or in companies using their own exchange sync service.

Lotus Notes Sync Service

Access to the same data

The Lotus Notes sync service is a synchronization service allowing the cooperation between employees using Lotus Notes and employees using FLOWFACT CRM. All employees have access to the same data (appointments, addresses, tasks). This creates more transparency and enables each employee in the company to answer customer requests quickly and professionally.