FLOWFACT Immoframe

You can use the FLOWFACT Immoframe if you have signed up for the free FLOWFACT multilisting service. This allows you to offer all properties the MLS network on your websites. Promote all properties in the network on your website and reach even more customers.

Experience the functions of the Immoframe here.

Below you find a fully operational example for the structure of the Immoframe. The Immoframe can be integrated into any website, including colour adjustments.

  • Standard, area and map search.
  • Property recommendation.
  • Memo function for interested clients.
  • Automatic submission of offers, interested clients can deposit a search profile.
  • Automated POIs in the map view on a daily basis.
  • Appointments are shown together with the according property.
  • Optimized print view of the property.
  • Highlighting of new property.
  • Information on the energy efficiency of a property.
  • Social media integration.
  • Internal area with tracking function.

Further features like multilingualism are planned.