Edition for property managers

More success for property managers

  • With the property management edition care holders can organize their daily office work as well as the administration and marketing of property.
  • FLOWFACT Performer CRM can be easily combined with commercial house management software, such as DOMUS, so that the commercial part as well as the contact management, office organisation and the unused retail capacity marketing are covered in one complete system.
  • Due to the uniform database multiple data entries and long searching times are avoided.
  • The integration of pre-defined processes showing typical workflows supports the daily handling of typical house management activities. As a result the working quality and productivity is increased.
  • Due to special controlling tools the management is able to maintain an overview of all relevant business processes and thus is able to take solidly based decisions.



FLOWFACT Performer CRM for property managers enables care holders to organize the daily office work as well as the administration and marketing of properties.


Contact persons

All persons in charge with a specific property can be stored with the according property.


Locking plan

The integrated key management allows maintaining a good overview also for multiple unit properties.


Process examples

Using the process management tool frequent corporate processes can be displayed and automated.