Commercial edition

Professional marketing for commercial property agents

  • Commercial property such as office spaces, retail properties, investment real estate, logistic and production plants, trade parks and industrial and commercial areas are displayed clearly and complete.
  • Broker can always monitor the complete property with the integrated area assistant.
  • Relevant property information like lists of tenants, cadastral data and market statistics can be used and displayed in the sales process at any time.
  • Different location quality (top location, secondary location), construction year etc. are considered in the search function and the matching objects are issued at the touch of a button.
  • A lot more functions such as the automatic calculation of available and rented spaces, in the case of a changing rental status, save time and allow a quick overview of all objects.

Umfassend und übersichtlich: die Objektdarstellung


The commercial edition allows commercial properties to be displayed and captured with its complex surface distribution.



A table listing in the preview offers a quick overview of available spaces and prices.

2D Modell

2D Model

The 2D model provides a vivid overview of active and inactive units and allows also to ad more units to a property.


Hierarchy of properties

The descriptive hierarchy of a property displays also complicated commercial complexes very clearly.


Listing of spaces

The listing of spaces in exposé texts is shown at the push of the button and avoids a manual entry when publishing in exposés or real estate portals.