A transparent office and organizational management characterizes FLOWFACT Performer CRM for house management

The combination of house management booking software and FLOWFACT CRM is a perfect interaction between the commercial part of the booking software and the CRM solution. FLOWFACT shows the contact administration with owners, tenants and craftsmen, the storage of documents, communication and as well as the controlling and the management of the company. All information is captured at one single place in the overall system and is available quick and transparently. Long searching is avoided and the managers can keep good track of things.

With the FLOWFACT Process Management, pre-defined processes are already installed in the software. This reminds employees of recurring workflows and the according tasks, e.g. in the case of lease management or modernisation measures. Unnecessary work can be avoided and tasks are kept in mind. This leads to an increase in productivity and improves service quality.

Immer gut organisiert

Always well-organized

FLOWFACT Performer CRM for property managers enables care holders to organize the daily office work as well as the administration and marketing of the property.

Ansprechpartner im Blick

Contact persons at a glance

All persons in charge with a specific property can be stored with the property in question.

Den Überblick bewahren

Keeping the overview

The integrated key management allows maintaining a good overview also for multiple unit properties.

Prozesse automatisieren

Automating processes

Using the process management tool, frequent corporate processes can be displayed and automated.