Company profile

FLOWFACT with its headquarter in Cologne was founded in 1997 as “Klaus Kappert Computersysteme”. The business focus is on the portfolio of Business Development and Research & Development around FLOWFACT products. More than 100 employees work with commitment in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. About 55.000 users from all sectors are currently working with the CRM solutions by FLOWFACT. Today’s track record is based on the years of experience in the real estate sector and IT development. The history started in 1985 with a first version of the FLOWFACT CRM solution programmed by Klaus Kappert, son of a renowned property entrepreneur, in the “children’s room” on a Atari PC. For the first time the linking of address and document management was developed as customer history. A steady high level of growth and innovative ideas characterizes the further development of FLOWFACT.

Our mission

For our clients we are creating sustainable competitive advantages with enthusiasm and innovative solutions. We are forming successful relationships and business processes. We are holding a leading position in the real estate sector.

Our vision

Our goal is to be the leading provider of solutions in Germany and at the same time have a leading position in the international property markets by providing innovative products and services. We guarantee quality. We always claim to be the best.