Consulting and Projects service products

Besides providing an individual advice for implementing the CRM software, FLOWFACT Consulting and projects offers a series of services to support you when you are working with FLOWFACT Performer CRM. You find a first selection here – please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a detailed presentation of all services.

Orientation workshop

Together with you we analyze your specific needs in connection with the use of CRM systems in real estate companies and quantify the need of necessary changes and measures. Regardless of weather it is the implementation of a complete CRM strategy or the adaption of specific areas: Our consultants have gained a wide knowledge of the real estate business in a variety of projects and are happy to make this knowledge available to you.

Blob Archive

In the FLOWFACT Software attachments of activities (except source references) and archive sides are stored in a SQL Server database. In this database, they are stored centrally in the ‘Blob’ table. In the case FLOWFACT is used over many years or very intensely, the Blob table and the whole database can become quite big. A lot of older Blob entries are rarely activated or not activated at all. As an example, you usually don’t look too often at attachments from a two-year old mail. As the database usually consists of high-performance and expensive hard discs, these old, but seldom used Blobs are very expensive. Maintaining high performance mass storage for data, that is not frequently used, is not necessary. Additionally, data that is used not too frequently does not have to be backed up too often.

Invoicing module

This adaption integrates the commission process into Flowfact Performer CRM. The integration allows the control of revenues and payment transactions in real-time. Revenues are directly assigned to the objects and stay transparent for all employees. The data quality rises because an accounting without the minimum information is not possible. Communication efforts are reduced, because the user gets a direct feedback if information is missing. Programmed word templates generate documents. Due to the automatically calculation, input or calculating errors are avoided.