Consulting & Projects

Competent advice on installation and adaptation

FLOWFACT Consulting and projects supports the complete launching of the CRM project in your company. The team advises you on the application of FLOWFACT Performer CRM and includes the organisational structure of your company and your corporate processes. Due to an enormous knowledge of real estate knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to provide efficient and effective solutions for your company:

  • Analyse of the current situation (orientation workshop).
  • Reporting and controlling.
  • Optimized purchase of properties.
  • Optimized marketing.
  • Process development.
  • Optimizing of corporate and internal processes.
  • Support with changing processes (Change management).
  • Knowledge and information management.

10 good reasons for Consulting & Projects

  • The right support at any point.
  • More fun at work due to good tools.
  • Quick productivity of new employees.
  • Corporate knowledge instead of individual knowledge.
  • Sustainably clear and highly functional system.
  • Market recognition due to professionalism.
  • More time for the customer and greater flexibility for important things.
  • Intelligence instead of diligence = more fun.
  • Efficient use due to trainings.
  • Corporate figures are an early warning system and controlling instrument.