Free FLOWFACT direct hAPPy® Webinars

For your successful property marketing

The success managers of the FLOWFACT AG show you in webinars how to increase your business success even more with FLOWFACT Direct hAPPy. Webinars are online –based seminars that can be joined live - easily and comfortably from your own computer.

Address management

In this webinar our success managers show you how to set up the address management in your FLOWFACT direct hAPPy.

Basic setup and start

Together with our success managers you take first steps with your new software in this free webinar.

Tips and tricks for the acquisition of property

In this free webinar we offer you valuable tips for the acquisition of new property.

Individual template creation

In this free webinar our success managers show you how to customize your own correspondence templates.

Selection and offers

Real Estate experts cleverly use the tools, that FLOWFACT direct hAPPy offers for the successful marketing of your properties.

Professional organizing

Speed up your daily routines.

Upload to portals/Setting up of properties

From the listing of a property in your FLOWFACT direct hAPPY to the publishing.

Additional tools

In this free webinar we show you useful tools in FLOWFACT direct hAPPy that simplify your daily workflows.

Activity management

Organisation and time management are issues that are often underestimated. FLOWFACT direct hAPPy offers you everything you need to reflect your daily work with a modern software solution.


Multilisting service

The FLOWFACT Multilisting Service (MLS) allows FLOWFACT clients to connect with other agents on the basis of their properties.