Management guidelines of the FLOWFACT AG


For us the FLOWFACT AG represents an organic system of units and subunits responsible for their results. The picture of an organism reflects the context quite good – no unit can work without the other. The management works as a team together. Cooperation within the system is the basis for joy and success. Task orientation is the guideline for processes within the departments.

Be a role model!

Managers are role models. We live the guidelines and expect more from us than from all the others.

Leading the team to top performances!

Managers encourage top performances and make them transparent. Top performances are rewarded individually and are conditions for further development.

Strengthening Strength!

Managers focus on the individual strength of their employees and support their development target and result oriented – also beyond their own department. Our own management skills are boosted regularly and strengthened through further trainings on professional, social and communicative matters.

With heart and mind on the road to success!

Managers know about the skills and successes of their employees and see them also beyond their tasks. We take our challenges with enthusiasm and passion and respect rituals in order to celebrate successes!

Create free space and develop ideas!

In order to push the FLOWFACT idea forward, managers create pre-defined free spaces for real innovations in an environment that is open for experiments. We dare to put new suggestions into practise and we take risks.

Oriented towards long-term goals!

Managers and employees agree upon common department goals and individual quarterly goals and control them together. Personal strong skills and company goals are included. Goals can be measurable and can be evaluated. Managers do evaluations as partners, confidently and keep track of things.

Focus on your people!

We create transparency by achieving department or company goals. Our goal: Everyone should know their place in the company and have a precise orientation plan for the future. We close projects successfully and we achieve ambitious objectives.

We provide security!

Managers protect their employees actively from any fears and support them by caring personally. We promote the open dealing with mistakes. Mutual reliance is the basis for a successful independent cooperation and the joy for creation.

Communicate bindingly and consciously!

Managers pay attention that intern service promises and defined ways of communication are kept and ensure that people communicate in the FLOWFACT language – objectively and understandable. We are actively calling for criticism. When dealing with conflicts we prefer the direct and oral way of communication to any other ways.